There’s no shortage of tournaments at Absolute Poker, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make use of a good tweak. We’re always open to suggestions and we’d appreciate your valuable feedback. Let us know everything you think about our current tournament schedule. What would you change? What would you retain? If it’s tournament related, then you want to hear it.

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While we’re talking about tournaments, have you seen our latest promos? You can not only win major quantities of cash, but we’ve also got exclusive prizes that will blow anyone’s mind. The recently launched Absolute Alley-Oop is your chance to score a pair of tickets to the LeBron James kickoff party in Toronto, Canada. The growing season and the party happen next week, which means you should probably act fast if you want to meet and party with the brand new Michael Jordan.

Speaing frankly about Tourneys

No really, perhaps you have seen King James doing his thing?

Check out our latest tourneys in the lobby or visit our promo page for the lowdown. We’ll also be launching some exciting new tournament features over the coming weeks, so keep checking the blog for all your latest.

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