Some poker players may wonder what it's like to work in the internet poker industry. Well, I'm an agent at Absolute and I also study Chemistry, so for me, it was kinda weird initially. When I first started working at AP, I didn't even understand how to play poker! Initially, this job was only a way to purchase college, but now, it's a lot more than that.

I have learned a lot of new things; things they don't educate you on in university, like how exactly to work in an office environment, ways to get along with other coworkers and authority figures, and most especially, how exactly to manage customer needs. I have learned that just like a chemical reaction, folks are unpredictable. Like we have В«sodiumВ» customers… customers who are angry about something, don't like the answer they get and BOOM! an explosion!

Just like adding sodium to water, you will notice only a tragedy. We likewise have the classic acid/base reaction-customer. The one who starts out angry, but then you give very good news and his mood changes to a happy person. Probably the most challenging to deal with is the chelate customer, the worst nightmare for just about any agent. The client who complains and requests everything…. free money, free entries, everything free. I get emails and chats from people like this and I just think «uh oh, here we go again. » These kinds of customers make me feel trapped, like calcium with EDTA. And last, however, not least… the Redox reaction customer who stopped playing for almost a year and comes back complaining about all of the changes.

It's ALL rocket science internet poker

But really, after 365 days, some things OBVIOUSLY change.

These customers complain that no one told them any such thing about the changes. As agents, we've a lot of fun learning how to make the customers happy, and my coworkers often say В«come on, its poker, its NOT rocket science» but if you ask me, as a chemist/ internet poker agent, it's all rocket science. В В

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