Absolute Points, FAME Status points, Bonus Dollar release points, Points for Cash, Tournament Points, Loyalty store points…confusedyet? Sorry about that, we just get so excited giving our players rewards that people hand out special points for almost everything! However now we’re rendering it a lot easier for you yourself to keep track of your points in the game client Cashier window. If you received a special bonus when you made a deposit you’ll receive guidelines on how to convert your bonus dollars in to real money.

By accessing the Cashier/Account Info/Money Rewards tabs, you’ll find your Bonus Dollars balance, accompanied by a graphical bar which will show just how many points you will need to convert your bonus into cash.

Remember a couple of things.

AP Point Display Bars Bonus Dollar

  • Bonus Dollars are released in $5 increments, and…
  • The higher your FAME status the faster you’ll release your Bonus Dollars. Obviously you don’t need to memorize that, whilst the new display bars will provide you with all that information instantly! After taking a look at the fun Bonus Dollar release bars click on the «View all bonuses» link, and here you will find a clear record of all your present and previous bonus awards. You can keep an eye on how much extra cash you’ve made through our promotions so when each offer expires.

And we’re not done!

We realize that our FAME loyalty program with it’s many levels and multiple rewards may be confusing for a few. Well, you are able to clear away any bewilderment by accessing the Cashier/FAME tab. Here you will notice your:

  1. Current FAME status
  2. FAME status evaluation period
  3. Monthly Status points balance
  4. Required monthly status points to maintain status
  5. Next FAME status
  6. Required monthly status points to attain the next FAME statusLastly, you are able to take a peek on how many points you will need to achieve each one of the FAME status levels and learn all of the rewards you’ll receive as you achieve each one. Any questions? We hope it has answered all of them!

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